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**DUE TO THE DEADLY RSV SEASON, Hunter will not be accepting any visitors until June. (call Chi for info)**
02/19/03: birthdate age- 3mos. Developemental age - 4 days old Weight - 8lbs 1oz Feedings -
70cc's total/partial via bottle other half via breast. Outstanding news!!!! Hunter's going home this weekend!!! He will be going home with a feeding pump for his G-Tube and an Apnea monitor for his breathing. It has been 3 long months for our little family of 3, words cannot express how awesome and overwhelming the feeling of being all together outside of the hospital walls. We want to thank everyone for all of your prayers, support, and love. Thank you Thank you Thank you........

02/13/03: Weight - 7lbs 3ozs Feedings - formula @ 29cc's and is now fed through his G-Tube. The delay for the update was because Mommy wasn't feeling so great and wasn't going to risk visiting Hunter. His stomach looks fine and well have the staples out when his Surgeon sees that it's fit. We'll let you know when we find out. Other than that, there's not too much activity and his just relaxing and healing.

02/06/03: Weight - 7lbs 1oz Feedings - delayed for the next 3 days as he recovers from surgery and his body adjusts...however, his supplements, protein, calories, and hydration is being maintained by means of the CVC line (see KNOWLEDGE). Well folks, today was the big day and he handled it beautifully. Thank you for all the prayers that you have given our son for everything that he has endured thus far in his beginnings of life. As of now, we are no longer bringing in visitors to the hospital as extra precaution towards Hunter. There will be more photos of his progression so please keep checking in. By the way...this website is Hunter's could we not do it? ;) so many loving letters to him in the guestbook and what not. How cool and original is that =)

02/04/03: Weight - 6lbs 12ozs Feedings - 50cc's.
On 02/06/03 Thursday, Hunter will be undergoing his 2nd surgery. It's called the Nissen Fundoplacation to aid his quick healing in dealing with GER (please see KNOWLEDGE page under GERD)so that most of his complications will be dealt with. It's like a domino effect where one problem sets off many other problems such as Bradycardia/Apnea attacks.
Please visit the following website to help answer any of your questions by cutting and pasting this link:
We have the best faith and confidence with the Medical Care Team that Hunter's with, and will be praying for Hunter and his health care providers.

01/31/03: Weight - 6lbs 7ozs Feedings - 50cc's
So far so good, folks. Hunter is still under observation regarding his reflux. Other than that, our boy's looking more and more like a cabbage patch doll. He can't wait to play with his new cousins Travis and Cody. Keep checking in for more info.

01/26/03: Weight - 6lbs 1oz Feedings - 50cc's
Sleeping at an angle and eating is still the agenda these days. Until the Reflux is resolved, Hunter's arrival home will be delayed a bit. At the moment, he is being treated with medication...however, should this not work, surgery is a possibility to tighten up his lower esophagus ring. Should the medication treatment work, then there is no need for surgery. We will keep the website updated with his progress. Keep in mind that everything that Hunter is going through is part of being a preemie. Premature Babies encounter many endurances and trials. We thank everyone for their love, prayers and support. As Hunter's parents we are very optimistic and sure of our little one's strength for enduring everything that he has so far. His name more than suits him.

01/23/03: Weight - 6lbs 1oz!!! Feedings - 50cc's
Another day of growth for Hunter. At the moment he's dealing with Reflux. Yes, it's along the same lines as acid reflux for others. Don't be's normal amongst preemies. As to when he'll be home is still up to Hunter. What we have listed on this page is no different if you ask either Mom or Dad. We just want to help spread some knowledge. The world and life of a Preemie isn't as easy as everyone thinks. But the most important thing is, that they feel all the love and support. Never break down and cry around your baby when in the NICU, all the baby needs to feel is posivitey and reinforcement. ;)

01/22/03: Weight - 5lbs 14ozs Feedings - 50cc's
We're not quite sure when Hunter's coming home. Most likely around his original due date. (see home page) There's a possibility that he's going to go home with a monitor for his AB's (Apnea/Brady's) and quite possibly be with an oxygen tank. Keep in mind that because preemies are born before they're actually ready to live in the outside world that from being intubated and on a respirator for the first few months of their lives that this does do damage to their lungs. Their lungs will heal, HOWEVER, it will take a long period of time. So please understand if we don't allow you near Hunter if you're not lookin' or feelin' so hot. =)

01/20/03: Weight - 5lbs 13ozs Feedings - 50cc's over a 45 minute period. We're slowly but surely working into bottle feeding then eventually breast feeding. It's a tough road, but Hunter's up for it.

You can't stop Hunter from laughing and smiling.
01/19/03: Weight - 5lbs 9ozs Feedings - 50cc's
Sorry for the delay...Hunter is now in Special Care Room D...Looks like he might be arriving around his due date. Our little one is strong, bigger, and cooing up a massive storm. He likes to giggle and smile in his sleep. He's doing excellent!!! Be sure to check out the Paparazzi photos!!!

01/12/03: Weight - 5lbs!!! Feedings - 45cc's!!! Congrats to our little boy! He's graduated from Special Care Room A to now Special Care Room B. They actually play classical music in Room B! Why don't they have it in Room A? Babies needing more care in A are more sensitive to their surroundings. A special Thank You to everyone for the Simi Valley Baby Shower for Hunter & Travis!!!

01/07/03: Weight- 4lbs 13ozs. Feedings- 43cc's. Loving the pacifier and can't wait to come home and play with his toys. We'll be seeing you all very soon.

01/05/03: Weight - 4lbs 9ozs Feedings - 41cc's. Great start to the new year...Hunter has graduated to the crib and is now out of the isolette/incubator!!! He is still in the NICU Special Care A Unit, but isn't it great to hear?!?! He's also cooing up a storm and messing around with people. He'll fake you you approach his crib, he'll spot you and pretend to be asleep. Just ask Dad =)

12/31/02: Happy New Year!!! With vivid eyes and cooing galore Hunter's weight is still at 4lbs 6ozs Feedings - 40cc's. Due to having many Apneas & Bradys (drop in heart rate) The doctor's have placed Hunter back on the CPAPS for the meantime and will be seeing how he progresses before using the NG-tube on him again. Don't be alarmed...this is normal for preemies. And "No" we do not know when he will be graduating to the NG-tubes again. Everything depends on how Hunter's feeling and his body. We feel very fortunate and blessed that he has a wonderful NICU Team to take care of him. Please see the KNOWLEDGE page for items that you might not be familiar with.

12/29/02: Weight - 4lbs 4ozs Feedings - 37cc's and going very well. He was out like a light when we went to visit him at 12am this morning. Just getting some shut eye so that he'll be home sooner. We'd like to thank everyone on Hunter's behalf for all of the wonderful Christmas gifts that he has received. Thank you again. =)

12/28/02: Today's weight is 4lbs 3.45oz, feedings are at 37cc's, and he's officially at 33 weeks gestation. Hunter's cooing loud and awing with his big eyes when in the arms of Mommy or Daddy. Surprised? You should be, this is a major accomplishment for our little family. Since Hunter's birth, the only interaction that we've really had with our son has been through a plastic box. He recognizes our voices and responds to us. Even when he was in utero, Daddy would whisper secrets to him and Mommy would complain about traffic or talk about day to day things. Babies...especially premature ones are more resilient and fiesty little things than you know. Such small bodies, but awesome strength. We can't help but to stop and think, of how much Hunter has been through since birth...and he keeps on truckin'. We as parents, are beyond blessed with Hunter.

12/27/02: Hunter looked happier today than we have ever seen him. He has been taken off the CPAPS and has been replaced with a normal thin oxygen nosepeice. No more tape on his face, no more tubes, no more IVs. He is now big enough to be held on a daily basis and can start cuddle care very soon. He looked so comfortable. He got to suck on his pacifier tonight and looked like he was having a ball. He still weighs 4lbs 2oz and is at 36cc's every three hours of pure breastmilk. No more formulas!! He was also very verbal tonight. He responds to our voices with little sounds of his own and smiled constantly. He even sleeps with a smile :) Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We will have updated pictures up very soon.

12/26/02: Merry Christmas to all!!! We are very excited to announce that Hunter now weighs 4lbs 2ounces. His feedings has been beefed up to 30 cc's every 3 hours alternating between mama's milk and formula. The best thing of all is that Hunter has no more iv's or needles in his body. He only has his c-paps and feeding tube. We hope that the holidays have been kind and generous as it has with us in blessing us with Hunter and good health for all!

12/21/02: Season's Greetings all, and welcome to the semi-daily update. Hunter still weighs 3lbs 12oz. Up one gram from lastnight. Due to a slight fever two days ago, he is off feedings and receiving nourishment, suppliments via CVC/IV. His feedings will resume next week. Hunter is looking so big and healthy. Dad got to give him his pacifier tonight. We wish you all a Happy Holiday.

12/18/02: Many great things to tell about Hunter today...he's crying aloud, weighs 3lbs 12 ounces, is up to 31cc's for feedings and is now completely free of all iv's!!!

12/17/02: RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus. Please do your research on this and how it affects premature babies. To normal fullterm babies RSV would be nothing but a cold...but to Premature Babies like Hunter it is deadly. We can't stress enough that if you feel ill in anyway: coughing, sneezing, sore throat, & watery be aware that these minute symptoms could jeopardize most premature babies' health until 2-3 yrs old due to their early lung development during their time in the NICU. Also second hand smoke puts him at risk as well...after enjoying a cigarette outside, please scrub up before handling Hunter, although 2nd handsmoke isn't on you the smell of nicotine still sticks to clothing is and will bother the infant so just give yourself sometime to "air out" beforing handling Hunter and enjoy a breathmint. If there are any questions regarding this issue, please see Mommy & Daddy for further info.

12/16/02: Everyday that goes by, Hunter looks more and more comfortable. He shines with a confidence like he never had a doubt. Today, Hunter weighed in at a whopping 3lbs 11oz. His feedings have increased to 23 cc's. He's doing very well off the vent and is breathing like a champ.

12/15/02: We're very pleased to announce that Hunter has made the transition from being intubated to now having the c-pap for his breathing. His weight hasn't changed, and he's at 18cc's every 3 hours of a soy formula. Most premature babies are lactose intolerant for a short period of time. This is due to the fact that they're premature, and in the womb, would not be digesting they were receiving all nutrients through the umbilical cord. By the time he gets to go home, he'll be feeding on mama's milk =)

12/14/02: Weighing in at 3lbs 10 ounces, Hunter's feedings has been raised to 17cc's every 3 hours. He's back inside the incubator (the NICU's attempt to replicate being back in the womb for the preemie babies and keeps as much germs and ruckus away to help the development and growth for them) and is snuggly swaddled and is getting closer and to be placed on the c-paps(nose brackets for low oxygen) instead of relying on being intubated (tube in throat to lungs). This is a wonderful step for Hunter. It means that little by little his body is taking control and is becoming independent of any outside support for oxygen intake.

12/13/02: Today Hunter is weighing in at 3lbs 10 ounces. His breastmilk feedings are now at 15cc's every 3 hours. What's he up to? Just maxin' and relaxin'...we couldn't ask for anything more. Keep tuning in to view some more pictures that we'll be posting this weekend!!!

12/12/02: It's 11:15pm and we've just arrived back from a visit with Hunter in the NICU. He's sound asleep and steadily recooperating from yesterday's surgery. The NICU Nurses have him in a swaddled position with a special cushion to keep him tightly cuddled and warm. To make him feel like he's still in utero. He's still being intubated for his breathing while he's recovering and he's resumed feedings with the breastmilk and is at 7cc's every 3 hours.

Today Hunter was baptised by Father Romero from St. Andrews Catholic Church right before a surgical procedure was performed to help seal his PDA. Thanks to the excellent Doctor Wells from Children's Hospital Los Angeles everything went as smooth as butter.