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More Paparrazi Shots!!!!...

Due to overwhelming demand for more photos and lack of dsl or cable modem in some areas...We are proud to present a new page for pictures of Hunter!!!

01/29/03 - 2mos 10days old
Hunter's famous "O!" face.
Eyes wide open. As opposed to "Eyes Wide Shut" for you movie buffs out there ;)
Getting ready for a bath by laying under the heating lamp first. Woah...looks serious, eh? Nah, not really.
Nicely settled in, basking in artificial sun and waiting to be bathed...ahhh...
02/06/03 - 1/2 hour in recovery after surgery
02/14/03 - Staples and a G-Tube
02/14/03 - Just waking up....and 1 whole pound later....thanks to surgery!!!